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Say hello to Nebula. Say hello to a network that can be set up quickly, save you time, effort and money. Say hello to nebula and your network can do more for you.

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Nebula Easy Cloud Management
Nebula makes the complex business of managing cloud networks dead easy
Comes with all you need to get a super-speedy, really reliable network up and running. The access points, switches, security gateways and management tools. All in one cloud-enabled box, which is no problem to set up, manage and grow over many sites.

hello peace of mind
And you can sleep easy knowing that not only are all Nebula-compatible devices are supported, but the hardware is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Nebula Box
hello up and running in no time
Be up and running in a jiffy. You don’t even have to open the box, as the devices set themselves up and automatically configure when they connect to the network.

hello everything in the box
And with all the hardware and software in the box, you won’t need to buy anything extra to get Nebula up and working.

hello managed from anywhere
See all the details of your network. In real time. Anywhere.
Controlling the network is effortless. Even when out and about, from mobile, tablet or desktop.

hello control
All in one place in our one-stop-management-shop: the Nebula Control Center.

Nebula Tablet
wait...there's more! NebulaFlex
Nebula Box
Easily switch between standalone and our License Free cloud management platform, Nebula. Without the hassle of installing additional software or hardware.

It’s just another simple way Zyxel helps you adapt your network to your business needs.

hello free upgrade
Already have a supported device? Sure, you can upgrade for free.

Simply upgrade by downloading the latest firmware and enjoy the same benefits of joining the Nebula platform without any additional costs, it’s that simple.

Go Pro on us? With NebulaFlex Pro
Switch among Nebula Control Center, On-Premises Controller and Standalone as and when needed.
Nebula Pro switch as you need
NebulaFlex™ Pro includes a 3 year Professional Pack for Nebula, as well as and support for the three functionality modes, giving business clients true flexibility whatever their project may need. And of course, all available with the same Nebula compatibile hardware.

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