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Small Business Solution for the Future

With the accelerated need for digital integration for all businesses. Social, e-commerce and virtual presence continue to increase over traditional operations. Reliable ‘always on’ connectivity has now become an essential part of everyday business.

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Small Business Top Pain Points

Remote working is here to stay.

Small businesses (SBs) need to be agile to meet the changes in customer demands. SBs are often faced with the following challenges:

Unreliable WiFi

Slow process, frustrated employees and customers. Whether it’s purchsing a product or a service, customers need for a fast and seamless experience more than ever.

Overly Complex Connectivity

For SBs finding a solution that is simple, scalable and flexible often means piecing together a mix of technologies. This approach is time consuming, complex and can be unreliable. With the addition of remote working, connectivity has never been so complicated and for many it can mean their time is devoted on fixing issues rather than caring for clients and their business.

Business and Customers’ Data Breach

Vulnerability to cyberattacks has become a growing threat as hackers seek to take advantage of more people in today’s working environments.

Fast and Reliable Connectivity from Anywhere

Today, business have evolved to leverage and rely more on online services from solutions like Office 365 to Finance and Logistics packages, these all need faster and stable connectivity, they need to be always on and downtime can mean heavy losses for business who are not prepared.

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USG (Universal Security Gateway) FLEX Series Firewall

Flexible Deployment with Precise Protection

Whether your business is small or mid-sized, onsite, or employees telecommuting, a business office network has to offer employees not just connectivity but also security. We are introducing the latest USG FLEX Series – a newly designed platform capable of up to 1.25x firewall performance improvement and 5x UTM performance gain.

The USG FLEX Series supports IPsec, SSL, and L2TP-based VPNs, making it an ideal solution for providing a secure network to access remote or home-based workers. Zero-configuration remote access removes complicated setup challenges making it easier for employees to establish VPN connections to the office without the need for IT support.

The latest USG FLEX Family provide one single management platform on the cloud while expanding and strengthening the protection from firewalls to access points with automatic responses. The newly designed USG FLEX Series is capable of minimizing computing power usage and maximising firewall performance, delivering up to 5x UTM performance with cloud flexibility and collaborative protection to help connect and secure small or mid-sized business users.

High Assurance Multi-Layered Protection

USG FLEX is designed with multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats from in and out. Multiple security services empower you to restrict users’ inappropriate application usage or web access. Zyxel offers leading-industry DNS content filter, eliminating blind spots in all encrypted traffic with TLS 1.3 without the need to deploy SSL inspection. All together safeguarding your network without any unattended gaps.

Zyxel USG FLEX Diagram: High Assurance Multi-Layered ProtectionZyxel USG FLEX Diagram: High Assurance Multi-Layered Protection
Zyxel USGFLEX100 Universal Security Gateway Firewall


Universal Security Gateway Firewall
Available to purchase as ‘Device Only’, or ‘Device and 1 Year UTM License’.

Zyxel USGFLEX200 Universal Security Gateway Firewall


Universal Security Gateway Firewall
Available to purchase as ‘Device Only’, or ‘Device and 1 Year UTM License’.

Zyxel USGFLEX500 Universal Security Gateway Firewall


Universal Security Gateway Firewall
Available to purchase as ‘Device Only’, or ‘Device and 1 Year UTM License’.

Zyxel Nebula Wireless Access Points

Zyxel’s comprehensive AP portfolio with stand-alone, unified/unified pro AP and Controller managed can satisfy every need in every environment. The ceiling-mount, wall-plate and even outdoor form factors of Zyxel Wireless Access Points also offer the best Wi-Fi extension and coverage.

Zyxel Nebula Gigabit Smart Switches

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) expect a higher level of performance from their networks – more connections to support diverse applications, fewer network disruptions, easier management and a greater degree of network security. The Zyxel GS1920 Series of switches fulfills these expectations with support for 24/48 100/1000BASE-T PoE Plus or non-PoE copper ports, as well as non-blocking performance and high-power budget support to facilitate a greater number of network connections.

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