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We’re building the networks of tomorrow, helping unlock the world’s potential and meeting the needs of the modern workplace; powering people at work, life and play. We stand side-by-side with our customers and partners to share new approaches to networking that will unleash their abilities.

In 2019, Zyxel Networks spun off from affiliate Zyxel Communications, marking the start of an exciting new chapter built on our proud tradition of innovation. Supported by 700 passionate associates worldwide, we serve 150 markets, with over 100 million Zyxel devices creating global connections and helping more than a million businesses to work faster and smarter.

Zyxel, Your networking Ally

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Zyxel NWA90AX
WiFi 6 Dual-Radio Access Point

Ideal for Small Business. WiFi 6 11ax (2×2 + 2×2)

Your Simple Path to WiFi 6
Simple Installation. Easy Configuration.

The NWA90AX is truly the right choice for SMB users looking to upgrade to 11ax (WiFi 6) access points without an expensive price tag. Supporting both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies, the AP is aimed to empower you to enjoy all the best things WiFi 6 has to offer such as faster speeds even when congested or in high-density environments, expanded range in your wireless network, and increased capacity for IoT deployments.

No networking expertise required

The NWA90AX can be easily installed and configured by everyone in small hotels, coffee shops, home offices, or boutique/retail stores. It supports both device’s local web interface and Nebula Cloud networking management, the simple setup allows you to quickly configure the AP with only a few clicks, making it super easy to set up guest and employee network on your own and start enjoying the ultra-fast WiFi 6 speeds in no time.

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Zyxel Switches

Perfect choice for SMB’s looking to expand their network setup

Smart Managed Switches
Gigabit speed and essential managing functions bring your business network more flexibility and connectivity. Power-saving functions, fanless design and full IPv6 support ensuring your network to be ready for future expansions. Taylors for todays small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) which expect a higher level of performance from their networks – more connections to support diverse applications, fewer network disruptions, easier management and a greater degree of network security. In addition, the PoE models comply with the IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) Plus standard.

Zyxel Cloud Managed Switches
The Zyxel Nebula switches can automatically download the current configuration to new devices connected to the network to enable auto-provisioning without the need for on-site network professionals.

Managed Switches
Zyxel Managed Switches include a feature set that can shape the traffic for diverse VoIP, video conference, IPTV and IP surveillance deployments and provide hotels, businesses and educational institutions greater agility and more effective traffic management for the converged applications of today.

Zyxel Unmanaged Switches
Expand your wired network with Zyxel’s unmanaged switch series. Zyxel’s switches consume minimal power, allowing you to save costs on your electrical bill. Enhanced for high-performance and fast wired networking, Zyxel switches are and excellent choice for any home or small office with bandwidth-hungry wired devices.

Zyxel Wireless image

Zyxel Wireless

Zyxel’s comprehensive Access Point portfolio can satisfy every need in every environment.

WiFi 6 Access Points
True WiFi 6 experience for all. The NWA210AX and WAX610D and WAX650S PoE Access Points are designed to deliver the true WiFi 6 experience to users. The WAX510D is designed for businesses looking to strike a balance between performance and budget, similar to the NWA110AX, and the NWA50AX is perfect for small businesses and home office with the least expensive price tag.

Wireless Business Solutions
Zyxel presents comprehensive businesses networking solutions for Zyxel Wireless Access Points, Zyxel Wireless Controllers, Zyxel Antennas, switches, wireless LANs, security appliances and gateways. The robust, reliable networking equipment from Zyxel-one of the few companies that possess all key technologies for all business networking product lines- enables network administrators to fully integrate switches, wireless APs and gateways in an innovative way. A uniform One Network experience across the LAN, WLAN to Gateway.

Wireless Home Solutions
Mobile gadgets like notebooks, tablets and smart phones continue to reach people’s homes as everybody in a family has a few mobile gadgets on hand. With the vast amount of gadgets throughout homes, it requires decent networking equipment to deliver fast Internet access and excellent network media experience. At Zyxel, we deliver the elements for home networks; not only home networking equipment are provided, home cloud storage is also provided for mobile devices that allow families to access their home data wherever they go. Start your smart digital lifestyle with Zyxel!

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