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Secure SD-Branch

Branch Connectivity. Reimagined Securely.

SonicWall Secure Software-Defined Branch (SD-Branch)

Improves user experience and secures connectivity at branch offices. This integrated solution combines SD-LAN, SD-WAN and security for distributed enterprises, allowing you to take advantage of cheaper connectivity between HQ and branches, safeguard BYOD and SaaS applications, and scale easily with the rise in mobile devices.

Components of Secure SD-Branch

SonicWall Secure SD-Branch integrates next-generation firewalls, network access switches, secure WiFi access points, endpoint security, cloud application security and single-pane-of-glass management.

Diagram: Components of SD-Branch

Features & Benefits

Unified Security Posture icon

Unified Security Posture

Boundless cybersecurity for your entire SonicWall network ecosystem. Discover granular security controls. Easily identify and prevent today’s stealthiest and never-before-seen attacks from compromising your network.

Integrated SD-WAN icon

Integrated SD-WAN

Create high-performance WANs using low-cost Internet access. Delivers high availability and predictable, optimised application performance. Leverage this built-in firewall capability at no additional cost.

Single Pane of Glass icon

Single-Pane-Of-Glass Management

Get centralized management across LAN, WAN and security solutions across all your branches. Delivers robust security management, analytics, and real-time threat intelligence of your entire SonicWall network portfolio.

Zero-Touch Deployment icon

Zero-Touch Deployment

Save both time and money, with minimal user intervention and IT staff. Fully automated to scale easily and effortlessly. Swiftly bring up branches in remote locations.

Superior User Experience icon

Superior User Experience

Attain secure connectivity, coupled with multi-gigabit network support for growing number of mobile and IoT devices, for a superior user experience. Ensure outstanding performance and security.

Complete Visibility icon

Complete Visibility

Gather deep insights on your network from cross-product traffic visibility with actionable analytics. Spot network anomalies and take prompt action with automated real-time threat prevention.

Reduced Complexity icon

Reduced Complexity

Streamline deployment and ongoing management through centralised administration via SPOG management. Rely on Zero-Touch Deployment for easy onboarding and deployment. Set unified policies for simplified management.

Increased Agility icon

Improved Agility

Improve operational agility, easily pass compliance checks and reduce operational costs. Easily upgrade or downgrade your SD-Branch solution, as network requirements change. Enables flexibility and embrace cloud agility.

2022 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report

Over the past 12 months, SonicWall Capture Labs threat researchers have diligently tracked the meteoric rise in cyberattacks, as well as trends and activity across all threat vectors, including:

report cover image
Encrypted threats
IoT malware
Zero-day attackes and more

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