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At Axis we are proud of our less than 1% failure rate

However, if something does go wrong not only do we offer localised support but we also have the following means to resolve the problem via Axis’ Technical Support.

Products in focus

The best in network video cameras: innovation, quality and opportunity.

Axis Communications M3106-L Mk II Network Camera image

Axis M3106-L Mk II Network Camera

With discreet 4MP video surveillance with built-in IR illumination.

This Axis Network Camera is a flexible mini dome that gives you built-in IR illumination and 4MP video quality at an attractive price. Making it a perfect choice for a back entrance of a store or hotel.

And with its innovative flat-faced design to maximise image usability, the M3106-L Mk II keeps you covered even during the night.

Includes the following features:
Built-IR illumination
4MP video quality
Axis’ Zipstream technology
Supports video analytics
Discreet and flexible
Fast, easy, cost-effective installation

Small and flexible this camera can be mounted near enough anywhere. And its smart design makes it easy to repaint to fit into any environment.

Axis P1364 Network Camera

WHDTV 720p Surveillance even in extreme low-light

With outstanding light-sensitivity the Axis P1364 Network Camera delivers superior HDTV 720p video. The day/night camera features a P-Iris lens for optimal image clarity, in addition to multi-view streaming. It doesn’t stop there, 2-way audio, audio detection, video motion detection, active tampering alarm and a microSD/microSDHC slot for optional local storage are also supported.

Consider the P1364 Network Camera the best choice for banking installations, city surveillance and critical infrastructure applications.

Includes the following features:
HDTV 720p at 50/60 fps
Lightfinder and WDR – forensic capture
Axis Zipstream technology
Day/Night capability
Two-way audio
Remote back focus

Axis Communications P1364 Network Camera image.
P3225-LVE Mk II Network Camera

Axis P3225-LVE Mk II Network Camera

Streamlined outdoor-ready HDTV 1080p fixed dome for any light conditions.

The P3225-LVE has a streamlined fixed dome providing HDTV 1080p video makes it an outdoor-ready Network Camera, making it ideal for indoor surveillance in retail, banking, hotels and other service industries. This versatile camera provides outstanding video quality in both strong and poor light conditions. In addition to this, this camera supports versatile cable management with optional adapters for connecting to various conduits.

The camera casing is easily repaintable in any desired colour to blend into the environment.

OptimisedIR illumination
Outdoor-ready and IK10 rated
Remote zoom and focus
WDR – Forensic Capture
Axis’ Zipstream technology

Axis P1365-E Mk II Network Camera

Outdoor-ready and Outstanding Light Sensitivity, with Zipstream

Robust and ready for harsh outdoor environments the Axis P1365-E Mk II Network Camera delivers amazing image quality and detail – even in low light. This camera is the perfect choice for banks, governmental buildings, parking lots or any facility that requires highly detailed images or coverage of large outdoor areas.

Lightfinder for colour images even in very low light
Up to 50/60 fps in HDTV 1080p
Axis’ Zipstream technology
-40 °C to 50 °C
Robust and impact resistant
Flexible CS-mount lens alternatives

A camera that’s rough and ready.

P1365-E Mk II Network Camera

Axis Technical Support

Axis’ Technical Support provides efficient assistance for your Axis products

With online support services and engineers around the globe, you can rest assured that you’ll receive assistance wherever you are, whenever you need it.

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We do all of this because at Axis Communications, we appreciate the value of the customer experience and offer customers just that—a variety of tools to help them solve complex technical challenges.

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