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Innovating for a smarter, safer world

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By combining intelligent technology and human imagination, Axis Communications offer solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimise business performance.

Technology you can trust in a changing world

Scalable, easy-to-integrate IP-based products and innovations for security and video surveillance

Solutons for smarter business

Get the best possible solutions for creating smarter business from Axis and our partners

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Zipstream from Axis: Axis’ Zipstream technology. More video, less storage.

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Axis Network Cameras

The best in network video: innovation, quality and opportunity.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find an Axis network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all.

Axis Network Video Recorders

Out-of-the-box ready recording solutions.

For an easy-to-install and reliable system, choose an Axis network video recorder. They’re all perfectly adapted to your Axis network products, and have all software licenses included.

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Axis Video Encoders image

Axis Video Encoders

From analog to IP video at your own pace.

Enhanced image quality, centralised recording and storage, and so much more – with an Axis video encoder you get many of the benefits of IP without the cost of complete conversion. You keep using your analog CCTV equipment and coaxial cables. So you get peace of mind until you are ready for the full transition – plus a great feature set, ease of use and excellent build quality.

Axis Access Control image

Axis Access Control

For access control with the benefits of open IP

Axis Access Control solutions are truly open. Giving you the freedom to mix and match best-of breed hardware and software and to integrate them with other systems, including your surveillance systems. Useful for everything from basic identification and entry control to advanced access management.

Axis People Counter image

Axis People Counters

Insight beyond people counting

Axis People Counter offers a cost-effective and reliable way to count people and understand foot traffic in different areas within your premises. This valuable information helps you make informed decisions to optimise your business operations.

Axis System Devices image

Axis System Devices

Components for intelligent systems

Axis system devices complement and add functionality to your network system. From decoders to network switches, they’re a perfect match for your Axis video products and give you the freedom to build your ideal solution.

Axis Cobles and Connectors image

Axis Cables and Connectors

Bring connection to your devices

Axis PoE image

Axis PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Extend your cables with PoE, fiber and coax

Axis Audio image

Axis Audio

Audio accessories for your system

We are Axis

As the industry leader in video surveillance, we develop and supply innovative network solutions that improve security and business performance.

Solving customer needs together

We were founded in 1984 and our headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. We are around 4,000 employees in over 50 countries.

In collaboration with thousands of technology and system integration partners, we are dedicated to enabling a smarter, safer world.

Contact our team about your options on 0800 488 0000

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