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Digital Continuity Solutions

Digital transformation is creating extraordinary growth for your business, but it also places extraordinary pressure on your IT systems.

As Architects of Continuity™, Vertiv ensures your digital infrastructure runs continuously and evolves as your business changes.

With a history of industry-changing solutions and a well-earned reputation for innovation, Vertiv and its partners continue to raise the bar in the areas of power, cooling, access and control, monitoring, and manageability.



Comes Great Efficiency

Why not choose the most enhanced power protection for your IT Edge applications whilst saving energy?

With the new line-interactive Vertiv™ Edge UPS there is no trade-off.

Available as rack-mountable or monolithic, this highly-efficient and compact unit has the super-powers to protect your IT loads and your budget.


Vertiv™ Edge Mini Tower UPS

(750 VA, 1000 VA, 1500 VA)
Compact Mini Tower design for tower servers and/or applications with no available rack | Plug and play solution requiring no installation | Vertiv™ Intellislot NMP / Webcards available for remote power management and OS’s shutdown

Vertiv 1U Rack Mount UPS PDUs

1U Rack Mount UPS

(500 VA, 1000 VA, 1500 VA)Compact 1U Rack Mount design for Edge applications with limited rack space | Comes with rack mounting hardware included | Vertiv™ Intellislot SNMP / Webcards available for remote power management and OS’s shutdown

Vertiv 2U - 3U Rack or Tower width=

2U – 3U Rack / Tower

(1500 VA, 2200 VA 3000 VA 2U, 3000 VA 3Us)
Convertible rack/tower design with LCD display provides flexible installation options | Extended runtime capability with external battery cabinets with autodetection, for hours of back-up time | 3000VA 3Us height with short depth (<500 mm) for compact racks that still require maximum power protection | Vertiv™ Intellislot SNMP/Webcards available for remote power management and OS’s shutdown

Vertiv Avocent ACS 8000 Serial Consoles

Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles

The Vertiv™ Avocent&reg ACS 8000 Serial Consoles deliver secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities.

Best Suited For: Banking, Financial and Insurance Data Center/Colocation/Hosting Education Government Healthcare Manufacturing Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile Nuclear Power Oil and Gas Power Generation Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution Retail and Wholesale Telecom Transportation

Warranty: 2 Year Full Coverage Factory Warranty – Optional Extended Warranty Available

Download Product Overview/Brochure


Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 UPS

The Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT5 UPS is an online double-conversion UPS solution which offers premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible deployment system.

The Liebert® GXT5 single-phase UPS operates with high power efficiency and it is ideally suited to protect critical infrastructure in both centralised and edge network applications. Scalable runtime options with matching external battery cabinets offer additional flexibility when extended uninterrupted power is required. User-friendly LCD interface as well as full network management capability, including configuration and remote updates, make this system easy to deploy and simple to maintain. With market-leading efficiency and unity power factor operation, the Liebert® GXT5 will fill your critical application needs. Sleep well knowing your business is protected by the premium products from Vertiv.

Download Product Overview/Brochure (500-3000va)

Download Product Overview/Brochure (5-20 kva)

Vertiv Liebert GXT5
Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv™ VR Rack

Standardise your deployments around the world and bring them online faster with the Vertiv™ VR rack. The Vertiv™ VR supports a wide variety of equipment including servers, storage, switches, routers, PDUs, UPSs, console port servers and KVM switches. The Vertiv™ VR is delivered ready for high density environments to serve your mission critical needs — even as they evolve and change. This rack gives you the flexibility you need with easy installation.

Best Suited For: Banking, Financial and Insurance Data Center/Colocation/Hosting Education Government Healthcare Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile Retail and Wholesale

Warranty: The Vertiv VR Rack shall be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three (3) years from date of shipment. An additional two (2) years may be obtained by registering your product at


Vertiv™ Single-Phase UPS, Rack PDUs and Server Racks

Sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down. Vertiv delivers a full range of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU), from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

Vertiv Single-Phase UPS, Rack PDUs and Server Racks
Vertiv Geist rPDUs

Vertiv™ Geist™ Rack PDUs

Vertiv™ Geist™ Basic rack PDUs (rPDU) provide reliable power distribution to critical IT equipment within a rack or cabinet. Basic rPDUs are available in a variety of electrical and receptacle configurations. Every unit is 100% tested for reliability and functionality.

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