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Relentless Certainty in a Connected World

Peace of mind from the world’s most trusted Back UPS offering high performance power protection for your gaming rigs and consoles, giving you the peace of mind to go forth!

Back-UPS BX Series


BX Series

A quality range of products for price conscious customers, who wants a solution for, basic needs of power protection and backup for their devices at home and small offices which carry the brand promise of the largest UPS manufacturer in the world!

APC BR1600MI Back-UPS Pro 1600VA

BX1200MI Back-UPS 1200VA

1200VA / 650W
Battery backup and surge protection

APC BX1600MI Back-UPS Pro 1600VA

BX1600MI Back-UPS 1600VA

1600VA / 900W
Battery backup and surge protection

Back-UPS™ Pro

Supplying abundant battery backup during outages and stabilisig unsafe voltage levels, they also provide power protection from damaging surges and spikes. Keeping you in the game when the unexpected happens.

APC Back-UPS Pro
APC BR900MI Back-UPS Pro 900VA

BR900MI Back-UPS Pro 900VA

900VA / 540W
Battery Backup and surge protection

APC BR1200SI Back-UPS Pro 1200VA

BR1200SI Back-UPS Pro 1200VA

1200VA / 720W
Battery Backup and surge protection

Level Up Your Power Protection


A gaming battery backup protects your valuable gaming system from different types of power interruptions.

In the game

Power out? Don’t worry. Stay in the game long enough to finish your match or control your exit so you don’t get penalised.


After safely shutting down your game the UPS will continue to power your router and/or modem, enabling you to stay online with a mobile device.


The Green Premium label is Schneider Electric’s answer to help you reduce your energy and carbon footprint.

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