Salicru UPS – Do I need an Uninterruptible Power Supply? (UPS)

Do I Need a UPS?

Firstly, let’s start by exploring what a UPS is…

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An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a physical device that sits between your power and either a computer (along with other electronic equipment), or a network of device.

A Salicru UPS provides backup power should the regular supply fail. It can also alert connected devices to the loss of power and instruct them to power down safely; this helps to prevent the loss of valuable data as well as protecting the hardware itself.

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In addition to this, a Salicru UPS can protect your devices in other ways too.

They act as ‘power conditioners’, filtering the electricity supply and ensuring reliable, clean power to guard against:

Blackout – Temporary but complete power loss

Brownout – A reduction of total power, often occurring during times of increased demand

Voltage drop/increase – Varying voltage levels are bad for many electronic devices, not least delicate IT equipment.

Line noise – This type of interference can in some cases, dramatically reduce performance and the lifespan of equipment.

So, what does this all mean?

Data, whether it’s personal (e.g. family photos), or business (e.g. financial reports) are often priceless. If IT equipment fails, it can cause data to corrupt – losing precious memories or months of work.

A Salicru UPS is easy to install, maintain, and use. It will not only safeguard your priceless data, but also protect and prolong the life of your computer.

To find out more about Salicru power protection, or for help choosing the right device for you, contact us on 0800 488 0000 or use the form above.

Salicru UPS Range Features


Off-line APFC multi-socket UPS
650 VA and 850 VA

Ideal multi-socket solution for office or home environments.

Salicru’s SPS HOME series UPSs boast off-line technology, are available in 650 and 850 VA powers, feature a 6-socket design and have the capacity to protect loads with active power factor correction (APFC).

Salicru SPS HOME diagram image


Line-interactive UPS
500-2000 VA with AVR + SOFT / USB

The ‘best value’ option for home and professional computing environments

Salicru’s SPS ONE series is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system featuring Line-interactive technology which provides the best protection solution for equipment and information within home and professional (small businesses, offices, shops, etc.) computing environments.

Salicru SPS ONE diagram image


Line-interactive UPS
500 – 2200 VA with dual USB charger

Optimal electrical protection for office environments and systems.

Salicru’s SPS SOHO+ series UPS systems stand out for their Line-interactive technology, compatibility with APFC (active power factor correction) loads and their dual USB charger on the front – all in a power range from 500 to 2,200 VA and versions with Schuko or IEC sockets.

Salicru SPS SOHO+ diagram image

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On-line double-conversion UPS
700 VA -3000 VA

Advanced on-line protection for sensitive and critical loads

SALICRU’s SLC TWIN PRO2 series is a UPS range in a tower format equipped with on-line double-conversion technology and the latest features to make it an advanced protection system for sensitive and critical loads.

Salicru SLC TWIN PRO2 700 VA - 3000 VA diagram image


On-line double conversion UPS
4000 VA – 20,000 VA

Enhanced protection for mid-range systems with single-phase power supply

SALICRU’s SLC TWIN PRO2 series UPS systems feature on-line double conversion technology, currently the most advanced for the protection of critical systems as it provides a fully stabilised and filtered sinusoidal supply voltage.

Salicru SLC TWIN PRO2 4000 - 20,000 VA diagram image


On-line double-conversion tower
/ rack UPS from 700 VA to 10,000 VA with PF=1

High-performance On-line security for priority systems

Salicru’s SLC TWIN RT2 UPS range is a highly advanced continuity solution for the electrical protection of critical systems. It combines the most reliable double-conversion technology (AC/DC-DC/AC) on the market and boasts a unity output power factor (VA=W) to enable it to power systems with high energy requirements, while offering high operating efficiency.

Salicru SLC TWIN RT2 700 VA - 10,000 VA diagram image

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