Riello UPS – 5 Year Warranty

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Our 5 Year Warranty

Riello UPS offers 5 year extended warranties as standard on all its UPS up to and including 3 kVA.

Uninterruptible power supplies provide priceless protection. When you buy from Riello UPS, you’re placing your trust in us that our products are up to the task. That’s the case whether you’re a mission-critical data centre operator, an electrical contractor, facilities manager, or IT reseller.

You and your customers deserve the absolute best.

That’s why a Riello UPS warranty goes far further than the 1, 2, or at best 3-year guarantees available from other manufacturers. It shows the complete confidence we have in our UPS systems. More importantly, it offers you all-important peace of mind about their long-lasting reliability and performance.

This industry-leading pledge covers our entire range of single-phase UPS systems, plus all line interactive and VFD models

image: Sentinel Pro UPS

Sentinel Pro
700 – 3000 VA

image: Sentinel Rack UPS

Sentinel Rack
1500 – 3000 VA

image: Sentinel Dual UPS

Sentinel Dual (Low Power)
1000 – 3000 VA

image: Net Power UPS

Net Power
600 – 2000 VA

image: Vision UPS

800 – 2000 VA

image: Vision Rack UPS

Vision Rack
800 – 1100 VA

image: Vision Dual UPS

Vision Dual
600 – 800 VA

image: iPlug UPS

600 – 800 VA

image: iDialog UPS

400 – 1600 VA

Riello UPS 5 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions

The 5 year extended warranty only applies to all new purchases within the UK and Ireland made direct from Riello UPS Ltd or one of our approved resellers. It does not apply retrospectively. The warranty period starts on the date of invoice and covers any mechanical faults or failures. The warranty does not cover accessories such as battery extension packs, bypass panels, or communications cards.