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Riello UPS is a European leader in the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies and standby power solutions from 400VA to 6.4MVA

The Riello UPS range

Featuring innovative solutions protecting everything from single desktop PCs or laptops and IT/VoIP networks, through to rack servers and supercomputers used in high end data centres. We compliment these high-performing products with unmatched aftercare and support services from our vastly experienced and friendly UK-based team.

Riello UPS is part of the Riello Elettronica group, which has subsidiaries in 85 countries and is the second-largest UPS manufacturer in Europe. This market share is driven by our ongoing commitment to reliability, innovation, and customer service.

Key Riello UPS USPs

Why we should be your choice for UPS

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Get 5 year warranties as standard on all Riello UPS products up to and including 3 kVA.

This extended protection applies to all our single-phase and line-interactive solutions. It goes above and beyond the 1, 2 or at best 3-year guarantees you’ll get from other manufacturers.

Extensive Range Ready For Delivery

Riello UPS is home to the UK’s largest stockholding of UPS systems and spare parts.

So when you need the right power protection solution, you’re guaranteed to get it fast!

Unrivalled Advice & Expert Support

As well as high-quality products, Riello UPS offers a complete range of installation, servicing, and maintenance support

Plus unrivalled sales and technical advice from our friendly team. You’ll also benefit from comprehensive product support with full access to data sheets, user manuals, informative product training videos and ongoing technical assistance.

Riello Featured Products

Online UPS

Double-Conversion ON LINE UPS – Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI)

Online UPS, also known as Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI), offer the premium power protection demanded by your mission-critical and sensitive equipment. Riello UPS’s online uninterruptible power supplies employ sophisticated double conversion technology which effectively isolates your critical load from virtually all types of power problems.

Our range of VFI UPS incorporates single-phase and three-phase models, tower, rackmount or dual UPS. All are designed to deliver maximum reliability while minimising your energy consumption and environmental impact.

Our award-winning online UPS systems include popular products such as the NextEnergy, Multi Sentry, Sentinel Dual, and Multi Power, our award-winning modular uninterruptible power supply.

image: Sentinel Pro UPS

Sentinel Pro
700 – 3000 VA

Plug and play single-phase UPS ideal for protecting critical servers, data processing IT systems, and telecoms networks. Extended runtime versions.

Wide input voltage tolerance range (140 V to 276 V) and high overload capacity (150%). Enhanced LCD display panel. Load-controlled fans.

image: Sentinel Rack UPS

Sentinel Rack
1500 – 3000 VA

2U plug and play rack mount single-phase UPS with depth of just 380mm, ideal for upgrading power in server rooms housing 600mm deep legacy racks.

Protect critical telecoms networks and data processing IT systems. Delivers 0.9 power factor plus high overload capacity (up to 150%).

image: Sentinel Dual UPS

Sentinel Dual (Low Power)
1000 – 3000 VA

Versatile single-phase UPS ideal for protecting non-linear loads such as blade servers, VoIP telephone systems, IT networks, and industrial machinery.

Plug and play installation as floor-standing tower or rackmount UPS. Hot swappable internal batteries. Up to 92% efficiency. Rotating LCD display panel.

Line Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS – VI (Voltage Independent)

Line interactive UPS offer enhanced protection compared to offline uninterruptible power supplies thanks to their ability to monitor the voltage levels and correct any under or overvoltage. This Automatic Voltage Stabilisation (AVS) means that although the load is fed from the mains electricity, the UPS system has filters that minimise any fluctuations in the utility supply.

Riello UPS’s selection of line interactive power supplies is a winning choice as a UPS for home offices or for non-critical loads such as telephone switches, servers and smaller motors or lighting systems.

image: Net Power UPS

Net Power
600 – 2000 VA

Plug and play UPS ideal for protecting PCs, small office IT systems, and home entertainment devices such as games consoles or sound systems.

Easy installation on desks, shelves, or floor-standing. Built-in battery testing for added reliability. Cold Start function so can power up without mains.

image: Vision UPS

800 – 2000 VA

Freestanding UPS ideal for protecting peripherals, small servers, and network backup systems in small offices or domestic environments. 4 power ratings.

EnergyShare socket enables easy load-shedding to prioritise critical equipment during outages. Backlit LCD display panel. Hot swappable internal batteries.

image: Vision Rack UPS

Vision Rack
800 – 1100 VA

1U rackmount UPS ideal for protecting storage servers, peripherals, and network hardware. Simple plug and play installation.

EnergyShare socket enables easy load-shedding to prioritise critical equipment during outages. Backlit LCD display panel.

image: Vision Dual UPS

Vision Dual
600 – 800 VA

Plug and play UPS ideal for protecting home office IT systems and entertainment devices such as TVs and games consoles. Compact and lightweight design.

Protect up to 8 devices. 5 sockets protect against power failures plus 3 sockets that guard against surges. Fanless design ensures silent operation.

VFD Type

OFFLINE UPS – VFD (Voltage and Frequency Dependent)

OFFLINE UPS, also known as Voltage and Frequency Dependent (VFD), are suitable for protecting non-critical devices such as PCs, peripherals and office equipment, or home entertainment gadgets such as TVs and games consoles against power outages. In an offline uninterruptible power supply, the mains always powers the load. If there’s a power failure, the UPS system automatically switches to battery power.

All of Riello UPS’s VFD power supplies offer simple “plug and play” installation.

image: iPlug UPS

600 – 800 VA

Plug and play UPS ideal for protecting home office IT systems and entertainment devices such as TVs and games consoles. Compact and lightweight design.

Protect up to 8 devices. 5 sockets protect against power failures plus 3 sockets that guard against surges. Fanless design ensures silent operation.

image: iDialog UPS

400 – 1600 VA

User-friendly plug and play UPS ideal for protecting PCs, laptops, peripherals, and home entertainment devices such as games consoles or sound systems.

Compact design fits on desks, shelves, or floor-standing. Fan-free design ensures silent operation. Shut-off button reduces wasted energy.

Riello Products Videos

Sentinel Dual Low Power (SDH)

Available in a 1-3 kVA power range, this uninterruptible power supply is designed to handle non-linear loads, making it a proven UPS for blade servers, VoIP equipment, IT networks, medical devices, emergency lighting and security systems.

Sentinel Dual (SDU)

Available in a 4-10 kVA power range, this Uninterruptible Power Supply provides maximum protection to critical loads in data centre server rooms, IT networks, industrial applications and electro-medical devices.

Sentinel Pro (SEP)

Sentinel Pro (SEP) from Riello UPS protects critical loads such as servers & IT networks. Available in a 700-3000VA power range, the SEP UPS System is designed to backup IT systems, telecoms networks, and critical servers.

Net Power (NPW)

With a 600-2000VA power range, this Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply incorporates automatic voltage stabilisation technology that filters the mains and reduces the risk of sags, surges and brownouts.

iPlug (IPG)

iPlug (IPG) from Riello UPS offers perfect protection for small offices (SoHo) & home devices like PCs, laptops and games consoles.

iDialog (IDG)

iDialog (IDG) from Riello UPS is designed to protect small office equipment & home devices.

Vision Dual (VSD)

Vision Dual (VSD) from Riello UPS is a doubly versatile Line Interactive UPS system, offering the choice of user-friendly plug & play installation as either a freestanding tower or 2U rackmount UPS.

Vision Rack (VSR)

The Vision Rack (VSR) from Riello UPS is a 1U rackmount line-interactive uninterruptible power supply. Provides battery backup to protect small data centre storage servers, IT network hardware and home offices from power failures.

Other services available from Riello

Icon: UPS Maintenance

UPS Maintenance
Bespoke Maintenance Contracts

Our UPS maintenance contracts set the industry standard. Emergency Response Times range from 4 clock to 12 working hours, while our Diamond plan offers a 4 hour response with an 8 hour fix – guaranteed.

icon: Commissioning & Installation

Commissioning & Installation
Free Site Surveys

Our friendly and expert Sales and Technical teams offer a complete range of onsite UPS services. Electrical installations meet strict NICEIC guidelines and are undertaken by certified engineers qualified to IEE standard.

Icon: Riello battery Replacemnt

Battery Replacement
Supply & Disposal

We make sure you aren’t left feeling drained by partnering with all leading UPS battery manufacturers. Evaluate the condition of your battery strings with our range of battery testing, including impedance and load bank testing.

About Riello UPS

Riello UPS Ltd aspires to be the leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies in the UK, in line with the wider Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A.) intent to become the leading manufacturer in the world.

Underpinning this overarching ambition are the following brand values and principles:

Energy And Engagement
We have a passion for the business, where we embrace change and seek continuous improvement in all that we do.

Think Customer
We are committed to providing exceptional service by putting customers at the centre of everything we do.

Winning Team
We develop strong team ethics through integrity and personal development, in an environment of mutual respect, encouragement and recognition.

Drive For Results
We drive the business focusing on results through technical excellence, quality, efficiency and sustainability.