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WiFi 6 Mesh Extenders

Leading the New Era of WiFi 6

These Mesh Extenders are built for the future of WiFi delivering great capacity, fast speed and more coverage.

Enjoy a better connected home experience and extend faster WiFi to the farthest corner of your home with blazing fast speeds up to 6Gbps. With 8-streams WiFi, more spatial streams provide more available bandwidth and less congestion for all the devices in the WiFi network. Ideal for large homes with either up to 4 bedrooms (with a 4-Stream Mesh Extender) or up to 6 bedrooms (with an 8-Stream Mesh Extender), you can extend powerful WiFi to every corner and take advantage of the fastest broadband speeds available to get the speeds you pay for.

Upgrade to a WiFi 6 Mesh Extender to experience the fastest WiFi speeds and greater network capacity than WiFi 5, so you can connect more and more devices on your WiFi today and tomorrow without worry.

WiFi 6 Extender EAX20

4-Stream WiFi 6 Mesh Extender

Create a powerful WiFi 6 Mesh System

NETGEAR® AX1800 4-Stream Mesh Extender (EAX20) supports the latest generation WiFi 6 (802.11ax) standard.
WiFi speeds with up to 1.5-times greater network capacity than WiFi 5.

WiFi 6 Extender EAX80

8-Stream WiFi 6 Mesh Extender

Upgrade your WiFi to First Class

NETGEAR® Nighthawk® AX8 8-Stream Mesh Extender (EAX80) supports the latest generation WiFi 6 (802.11ax) standard.
WiFi speeds with up to 4-times greater network capacity than WiFi 5.

Easily Create a Mesh WiFi 6 System with your Existing Router

Expand coverage of your Existing Router using your current WiFi name and password. This desktop design has powerful internal antennas that extend WiFi signals to where your router WiFi cannot reach. These Mesh Extenders have backward compatible with previous WiFi generations (11b/g/n/a/ac) and will work with all your existing internet-connected devices.

NEW Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Tri-band Mesh System

Perfect for small businesses and home offices, providing next-level coverage, speed and capacity.

Orbi AX6000 (SXK80) Pro WiFi 6 System

Enjoy up to 6,000Mbps of total data throughput, and 6,000 square feet of coverage.

Supports WPA3 wireless security protocols and includes VLAN management and 4SSIDs for separate and secure admin, employee, guest, and IoT networks.

Better WiFi today and tomorrow with WiFi 6

Connect to your existing cable modem to set up and customize your Orbi Pro in minutes with the Insight app. Easily manage your WiFi settings at the device and network level, test your internet speed, view speed history, and monitor data usage remotely.

Get a fast, dedicated wireless connection between your router and satellite.

NEW Orbi Pro WiFi 6 System

WiFi 6 Router

6-Stream WiFi: Connect, Stream, and Download Faster

More WiFi streams means more available bandwidth and less congestion for all devices in the WiFi network. The Nighthawk AX6 provides consistent and powerful signal strength to multiple devices at the same time so you can enjoy smooth gaming and 4K UHD video streaming, and faster file transfers and backups.

6-Stream WiFi 6 Router with ‘NETGEAR Armor™’

NETGEAR Armor™ – Advanced cyber threat protection for your home and your connected device

Extremely Fast WiFi — Up to 5.4Gbps (600 + 4800 Mbps † ) wireless speeds.

Improved Capacity — WiFi 6 uses OFDMA to improve the capacity and efficiency of your network, so more devices can connect without slowing down your WiFi.

Powerful 1.5GHz Triple-Core Processor — Smooth 4K UHD streaming to Smart TVs, mobile devices and gaming consoles.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AX5400 WiFi 6 Router

5 Gigabit Ports — Connect more wired devices for faster file transfer and uninterrupted connections with 1 WAN & 4 LAN ports   |   160MHz Channel Support — Enjoy over 1Gbps WiFi speeds for blazing-fast streaming and downloading to newer mobile devices that support 160MHz bandwidth   |   Gigabit WiFi to Mobile Devices — Connect, stream, and download faster to newer mobile devices and computers   |   USB 3.0 PORT — Faster streaming, backup and easy access to your stored media.   |   Nighthawk App — Easily set up your router and get more your of your WiFi   |   Automatic Firmware Updates — Latest security patches delivered to the router   |   Works with Existing WiFi Devices — Backward compatible with WiFi 5 (802.11ac) and earlier generation WiFi standards   |   Amazon Alexa & the Google Assistant — Control your NETGEAR WiFi network with simple voice commands.   |  

WiFi 6 Access Points

Ultimate Speed and Capacity with WiFi 6

Offer customers and employees the best WiFi with higher speeds, less congestion, higher device density and higher battery life for WiFi 6 devices with WAX610 and WAX610Y.

WiFi 6 Access Point WAX610

WiFi 6 Dual Band Wireless Access Point

WiFi 6 Access Point WAX610Y

WiFi 6 Dual-Band Wireless Access Point

Ultimate Speed and Capacity with WiFi 6

Insight cloud remote monitoring and management: 1-Year Insight subscription included   |   WiFi 6 Dual Band AX1800 Access Point, up to 1.2Gbps in 5GHz band and 600Mbps in 2.4GHz   |   Multi-Gigabit Speed and PoE — Includes a 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port with PoE for high speed and easy wiring (Ideal switches to power WAX610 are GSM4210P and MS510TXPP)   |   Faster and more reliable WiFi due to higher throughput and more coverage with the use of both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band simultaneously.


Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 Add-on Satelite (MS60)

Advanced Whole Home WiFi

The new Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System banishes dead zones and makes buffering a thing of the past. Get faster, more reliable WiFi coverage with easily placed satellites and experience the future of WiFi.

New WiFi 6 Technology

With Nighthawk® Mesh WiFi 6 satellite expand your coverage even further. Custom to your home’s unique layout, enjoy advanced whole home WiFi for your video streaming and online gaming needs. The satellite provides up to 1,500sqft and internet speeds over 100Mbps.

NETGEAR Add-on satelite (MS60) for Nighthawk mesh WiFi 6

Only works with a Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System (MK62 or MK63) sold separately.   |   Adds 1,000 sq. ft. of powerful coverage to your existing Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System with the same network name and seamless roaming.   |   Whole Home WiFi – Experience smooth 4K UHD streaming and reliable WiFi in every room.   |   Latest WiFi 6 Technology —Improved dual-band technology designed for faster, more reliable connections that can handle 25 or more devices for smoother streaming and connection capacity.


NETGEAR ProSupport and Insight Licenses

NETGEAR ProSupport is a suite of service and support offerings for SMBs and mid-market customers deploying NETGEAR’s proSafe line of networking solutons.

NETGEAR’s OnCall 24×7 is designed for customers who wish to maintain their own network products with assistance from NETGEAR etchnical experts.

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