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A Better Way To Wi-Fi

Explore simple, smarter Wi-Fi for Small Business or Working From Home

Get the right Aruba Instant On setup for your business or home.

Easy Set up (Business)

Easy set up and

The Aruba Instant On App makes managing everything on your business or Home Wi-Fi network incredibly simple. Set up takes a few clicks — no tech experience needed. Monitor your network anywhere from your phone, and even keep tabs on who is connecting to which sites and apps.

Blazing fast (Business)

Blazing fast and
wicked smart

Aruba Instant On keeps your network and data automatically humming along at top speed. If an error is detected, your network heals itself and it keeps itself automatically updated. Connect all your devices, even those with a wired connection, including smart TVs, printers, smart locks, security cameras, Point Of Sale (POS) terminals and more.

Security at no extra (Business)

Security at no
extra cost

Security shouldn’t be an add-on; it’s a must-have. It’s included at no extra cost with Aruba Instant On. Easily separate business and employee traffic from customer traffic. Set hours for network availability and block specific sites and app categories to ward off malicious activity.

No Extra Cost (WFH)

One all-inclusive

No hidden subscription or licensing fees. No need to buy additional security equipment like a gateway. Want to expand your network down the road? Have wired devices to plug in? Easy.

Wi-Fi that simply works for you

AIO Small Business image

Business Wi-Fi made incredibly simple

Check “reliable, secure, fast Wi-Fi” off your to-do list. Set up your network in minutes with our mobile app and enjoy fast speeds inside and outside. Manage your business network from anywhere, easily. Relax knowing your business, employees, and customers are protected by the latest security automatically—at no extra cost to you.

AIO Working From Home image

Work-from-home Wi-Fi just got a whole lot simpler

Ready to say goodbye to dead spots, dropped connections, and spinning circles? Aruba Instant On gives you a reliable, robust, and secure Wi-Fi connection ready for today’s IoT, work-from-home, remote-learning, online-everything world. Set it up in minutes and easily manage your network from anywhere with the Aruba Instant On App.

Aruba Instant On Wireless Access Points

Build a foundation for reliable connectivity. Maximise performance across your network and devices. Deploy and manage with simplicity and ease.

Delivering high-performance, secure Wi-Fi access at am attractive price that won’t break the bank. With models desiigned for indoor, outdoor and hospitality or SOHO environments, there’s an option that meets any need.

Aruba Instant on Access Points

NEW Aruba Instant On AP22

Indoor Access Point
Fast 802.11ax, 2X2:2, Wi-Fi Certified™ (Wi-Fi 6)


Aruba Instant On AP15

Indoor Access Point
802.11ac Wave 2, 3X3:3, MU-MIMO technology


Aruba Instant On AP12

Indoor Access Point
802.11ac Wave 2, 3X3:3, MU-MIMO technology


Aruba Instant On AP11

Indoor Access Point
802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2, MU-MIMO technology


Aruba Instant On AP17

Outdoor Access Point
802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2, MU-MIMO technology


Aruba Instant On AP11D

Desk/Wall Access Point
802.11ac Wave 2, 2X2:2, MU-MIMO technology

Aruba Instant On 1930 Switches

Aruba Instant On 1930 Switch Series

Blazing-fast performance. Sets up in minutes. Secured for your peace of mind. There’s a model for every need: offices, retail, restaurants—even start-ups, we’ve got your business covered.

Designed for small and growing businesses that require enhanced performance to support bandwidth-demanding applications. The Aruba Instant On 1930 switch series seamlessly integrates with existing Instant On indoor/outdoor access points and can be centrally managed with the Instant On mobile app onsite or remotely. These cloud-managed layer 2+ Ethernet switches consist of 8-, 24-, and 48-port Class 4 PoE (i.e. PoE+) and non-PoE Gigabit Ethernet models, with 1G SFP slots on 8-port model and 1G/10G SFP+ slots on 24-/48G models for fiber connectivity.

AIO JL680A 1930 Series 8G 2SFp Switch

Aruba Instant On JL680A

1930 Series Network Switch
8G, 2SFP

AIO JL681A 1930 Series 8G Class4 PoE 2SFP 124W Switch

Aruba Instant On JL681A

1930 Series Network Switch
8G, Class4, PoE 2SFP 124W

AIO JL682A 1930 Series 24G 4SFP/SFP+ Switch

Aruba Instant On JL682A

1930 Series network Switch
24G, 4SFP/SFP+

AIO JL683A 1930 Series 24G Class4 PoE 4SFP/SFP+ 195W Switch

Aruba Instant On JL683A

1930 Series Network Switch
24G, Class4, PoE, 4SFP/SFP+ 195W

AIO JL684A 1930 Series

Aruba Instant On JL684A

1930 Series Network Switch
24G, Class4, PoE, 4SFP/SFP+ 370W

AIO JL685A 1930 Series

Aruba Instant On JL685A

1930 Series Network Switch
48G, 4SFP/SFP+

AIO JL686A 1930 Series

Aruba Instant On JL686A

1930 Series Network Switch
48G, Class4 PoE aSFP/SFP+ 370W

Invest for today and tomorrow

Aruba Ap22 and 1930 Switch with AIO mobila app

Aruba Instant On AP22 with 1930 Switch Series

Upgrade your Wi-Fi network to boost your current device performance, while preparing for Wi-Fi 6 devices that are quickly becoming the new standard. With 1.2 Gbps and supprting up to 75 active devices max, you’re good to go with our new AP22 Access Point. Ccombine with our 1930 Series 24- or 48-port switch for Ethernet cable devices like security cameras or POS.

Find your right fit

Aruba AP12 with AIO mobile app

Aruba Instant On AP12

An Access Point built for speeds up to 1600 Mbps and up to 75 devices – perfect for larger families with high device demands!

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