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Providing business continuity for virtualised, edge and hyperconverged environments

Meet the Toy Force

Behind their playful exterior, our star team has a serious motive: to help you choose the right solutions for your power infrastructure requirements. Each member of the Eaton Toy Force brings with them their own area of expertise, from agility and intelligence to quality and reliability.
By bringing together an innovative mix of hardware and software, Eaton offers intelligent integrated solutions helping IT professionals ensure that their data room’s physical infrastructure is reliable, operational performance optimal and continuity of the business is well secured.


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Technology Trends

Nowadays they mean that more than ever the data centre room is a focal point for the effectiveness of organisations across almost every industry sector.

Eaton’s intelligent infrastructure solutions are built for this world, transforming the physical data centre infrastructure from a siloed black box into a dynamic source of intelligence. Thus the IT managers can have a clear, holistic, single view of the whole infrastructure across the operational, physical and virtual/cloud layers of IT applications.

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Eaton’s Integrated Infrastructure solutions for software-defined data centres

  1. Eaton IT racks: reliable housing of IT equipment and effective airflow management.
  2. Eaton ePDUs: intelligent power distribution and monitoring in IT racks.
  3. Eaton UPS: reliable power protection of virtual IT environmental.
  4. Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software: management of power devices from a virtualisation dashboard and initiation of disaster recovery policies on power and environmental events.
  5. Eaton IPM Infrastructure: monitoring of space, environmental metrics and power in IT racks.
  6. Eaton sensors and detectors: accurate environmental monitoring.

What is important?

Let’s discuss integrated power infrastructure solutions for IT applications!

IT projects, big or small, can be challenging with lots of components to think about. Power management may not be forefront of your mind or something you deal with on a daily basis, so you need to ensure you have a reliable partner to help you through to selecting the optimal solution for Network/IT Closet, Server room or Data Centre.

With a wealth of experience and quality, reliable products, you can trust Eaton to support you when it comes to choosing the right solutions for your power infrastructure requirements. As an IT manager you can rely on Eaton as your single source for comprehensive power management solutions that organise, protect and manage IT environments:

We understand the challenges
We have the expertise
We offer best-in-class solutions
We make IT easy
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