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Eaton’s integrated power infrastructure solution for software-defined data centres

Keeping pace with competitive pressures and evolving market dynamics is reshaping the IT infrastructure

But in this race to optimise the IT infrastructure, one vital component can be forgotten—power management:

PROTECT valuable IT assets from power issues and ensure business continuity.
DISTRIBUTE power distribution to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.
ORGANISE critical IT equipment in your rack reliably and efficiently and reduce cooling costs.
MANAGE your power management infrastructure and your IT equipment through a single pane of glass.
MAINTAIN the infrastructure for reliability and greater peace of mind.

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To achieve the scalable, flexible and compatible IT environment that’s needed today, more high-density computing and advanced network methodologies are being sought out.

  1. Eaton IT racks: reliable housing of IT equipment and effective airflow management.
  2. Eaton ePDUs: intelligent power distribution and monitoring in IT racks.
  3. Eaton UPS: reliable power protection of virtual IT environmental.
  4. Eaton Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software: management of power devices from a virtualisation dashboard and initiation of disaster recovery policies on power and environmental events.
  5. Eaton IPM Infrastructure: monitoring of space, environmental metrics and power in IT racks.
  6. Eaton sensors and detectors: accurate environmental monitoring.

Solutions for edge computing and IoT infrastructure

Easton’s power management solutions will:

Save you time, money and reduce your risk of downtime in critical edge deployments.

Eaton will help you ensure a highly available network that enriches your process and empowers you through instant and continuous access to technology.

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Improve efficiencies and lower costs. Ensure business continuity

IPM Understand Edition provides data centre managers

with an easy to use and simple to deploy infrastructure monitoring solution

When you can see and understand the power, space and environmental constraints in your data centre, it’s easier to plan change, anticipate challenged and make the informed and effective management decisions.

That’s the power that the Eaton Intelligent Power™ Manager (IPM) Understand Edition gives you.


Keeping universities running

As an IT professional in Education sector, faculty and students rely on your network and technology to create an “anytime, anywhere” digitally-enabled learning environment.

By divesting your old technology and reinvesting in standardised and cloud-based services and architectures you can leverage cutting-edge technology to strategically differentiate your institution to attract and retain students and faculty.

Eaton can help you build an intelligent power infrastructure that alleviates key IT roadblocks freeing up the resources needed to execute these game-changing initiatives.

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Eaton’s proactive power management tranforms University of Winchester’s network

Eaton’s data centre solutions have enabled the University of Winchester to build an integrated and highly efficient infrastructure.

The improvements feature superior performance monitoring and management across the network.

Above all, for the University, the new solutions enable proactive maintenance to ensure business continuity and resilience.

The quality of service from the UPS systems was a critical factor in our choice of supplier, but more than that, it’s the support that Eaton brings in enabling us to monitor and manage our systems - Sean Ashford, Network and Systems Manager, University of Winchester - Sean Ashford

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