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DrayTek routers provide excellent performance and security, as well as dial-out VPN connectivity – ideal for the teleworker. Routers are an important element in connecting computers, laptops, and mobile to the internet, allowing you to share your files, tools, and resources all within a secure environment. And for families, these models can also provide extensive content filtering, giving you control filters over what your users or family have access to on the web, or set time schedules.

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Which Router is best for my needs?

Choosing the right network router for your needs and requirements is crucial in creating a local connection that always allows efficient access to the internet. We’ve outlined our available routers, to make picking the correct device a little easier:

ADSL/VDSL/Fibre Routers
Enjoy high-speed and secure internet across your entire network of connected devices, with an ADSL/VDSL/Fibre router. These models are the standard design and suit a range of flexible scenarios.

Load Balancing Routers
Load balancing routers are easy to identify because they feature more than one WAN port. Using a load balancing router allows you to manage dual-connected devices uniformly without experiencing uneven internet connection.

Firewall routers offer an additional layer of security between your local network and the internet. This is especially useful if your network handles sensitive information.

Mobile Broadband/4G/LTE Routers
Our mobile broadband/4G/LTE routers offer a strong wireless connection, by converting 4G and LTE signals into Wi-Fi. Each available device provides reliable and secure internet across a local network.

DrayTek Vigor Routers

DrayTek Vigor 2763 Series

Vigor 2763 Series Routers

The DrayTek Vigor 2763 series VDSL and Ethernet VPN routers are ideal for Small Office and Home Office networks. Featuring powerful Firewall and Content Filtering, configurable Quality of Service and an array of VPN capabilities, with the performance to make full use of FTTP Fibre Broadband.

Incorporating Wireless in the Vigor 2763ac model, the Vigor 2763 series provide a reliable, highly integrated and reliable connectivity solution for SoHo networks.

Vigor 2765 Series Routers

The DrayTek Vigor 2765 series VDSL and Ethernet VPN routers are ideal for Small Office and Home Office networks.

Featuring powerful Firewall and Content Filtering, configurable Quality of Service and an array of VPN capabilities, with the performance to make full use of FTTP Fibre Broadband.

DrayTek Vigor 2765 Series

DrayTek Vigor 2865 Series

Vigor 2865 Series Routers

DrayTek’s Vigor 2865 series Multi-WAN Firewall VPN routers are ideal for Superfast VDSL Broadband and Ethenet-based FTTP Fibre Broadband.

With Gigabit throughput, Quality of Service, VPN client/server, comprehensive Firewall and Content Filtering controls.

Vigor 2866 Series Routers

DrayTek’s G.Fast / VDSL and Ethernet Multi-WAN Firewall VPN router. Ideally suited to connect directly to Ultrafast G.Fast broadband and Superfast VDSL this router provides advanced Firewall and Content Filtering, Quality of Service and VPN with Gigabit throughput.

Wi-Fi is available on ‘ac’ models and the integrated 4G+ LTE modem on ‘Lac’ models takes full advantage of mobile broadband.

The Vigor 2866 series provided a reliable, flexible and secure networking solution, that’s ideal for Home Offices, Small Business and Satellite Offices.

DrayTek Vigor 2866 Series

DrayTek Vigor 2927 Series

Vigor 2927 Series Routers

Dual-WAN Load Balancing Firewall VPN routers allow you to make the most of FT TP Fibre Broadband with Gigabit WAN throughput. Extensive Firewall, Content Filtering, VPN client/server and Quality of Service controls.

Vigor 2832 Series Routers

Router/Firewall for ADSL lines. Alternative WAN ports can instead provide connectivity to Ethernet feeds, secondary xDSL modems or a 3G/4G cellular service using a supported USB adaptor.

This router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging and Gigabit Ethernet built-in Wi-Fi in the ‘n’ models

DrayTek Vigor 2832 Series

DrayTek Vigor 2962 Series

Vigor 2962 Series Routers

High performance and dynamic firewall routers with configurable WAN/LAN ports. With the selection of 2.5GbE port, 1GBE Fibre port and 2x 1GbE ports.

Users can set two of the ports as WAN for load balancing/failover purpose and enjoy overall 2.2Gbps NAT throughput.

Vigor High Performance Series Routers (3910)

Multi-WAN VPN Routers designed for high performance and capable of handling the requirements of large and complex networks, with applications including Remote Access, Firewalling, Load-Balancing and Failover.

Featuring 12 LAN and WAN interfaces in total, 4 dedicated LAN ports and 8 switchable ports that can operate as LAN or WAN ports to fit your network requirements.

DrayTek Vigor High Performance Series (3910)

DrayTek Router Production

Did you know

There are 215 different components on the PCBA of a DrayTek Vigor2860Vac router?

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