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Grow your business. Minimise your costs.

For any project, initial capital costs will want to be as minimal as possible.

Reducing any reoccuring large-scale cost is also one of the main goal of any businsess in general. So when the time comes to replacing vital pieces of IT equipment, or even when faced with an entire network upgrade. We’re here to help.

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‘How to buy’, as well as ‘What to buy’

Spread the cost of your purchase by using our finance options. We believe that increasing your efficiency and growth shouldn’t be held back by budget issues.
To help, we can offer 3, 4 or 5 year finance credit options, leaving you free to seize the opportunities when you need to!

Supporting your goals: Our goal is to help you meet your business and financial objective for any IT associated financing; keeping you on track for growth, however and wherever you plan to achieve it.

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Use our calculator to start planning your upgrade project.
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Common problems uncommonly solved

  • Using finance to displace legacy solutions while keeping customer CFOs happy
  • Unlocking next year’s budget now
  • Financing the whole customer solution (even when some of it is not your own)
  • Creating a financial path to the cloud or one to compete with it
  • Owning or not owning assets to help the balance sheet
  • Winning the technology obsolescence game
  • Accommodating for large volumes of smaller priced deals
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Finance Solutions Include*

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Purchase Lease/Rent back

Arrangements for FMV or Capital finance structures for customers wanting to pull immediate capital out of the equity of current/legacy assets, up to current book value.

Meet your financial objective:
If you seek to apply funds to new solutions and/or to avoid any book value loss associated with legacy asset obsolescence, these finance structures are for you.

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Solution Financing

Bundled financial structures for more complex hardware and software/services requirements, where a varied combination of hardware, software, services, and maintenance is involved. There is no restriction on the percentage of each element involved in the financed project.

Meet your financial objective:
This is where you seek a cash flow advantage, minimisation of technology obsolescence risk, and the ability to make changes to the solution throughout the term of the financing.

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Managed Services

Our Financing Partner, Ingram Micro, offer services include support for your end user workspace, datacentre services from cloud management to monitoring as a Service, laaS, DRaaS and many other options, and cyber security services.

Meet your financial objective:
With Managed Services you don’t need to own the solution assets. Furthermore, legacy assets can be integrated into the solution. You’ll have the flexibility to modify the financing structure throughout the term. Potential for either OPEX or CAPEX treatment.

*We’ll make it happen: We can arrange bespoke solutions to meet your situation. Our finance options are available virtually everywhere you operate and our
promise is to always meet your specific requirements, regardless of how unique they may be.

If your business needs it, we’ll make sure we deliver it

Forward and Reverse Logistics: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

We can also help you securely dispose of end of life equipment in compliance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

The service includes:

Monetisation and Subsidisation of solution costs I Refurbish/ Resale/ Recycle I Installation / De-Installation I Data Erasure/ Destruction.

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Why choose a financing solution?

Nearly Limitless Size, Scope, or Complexity

Nearly Limitless Size,
Scope, or Complexity

Global coverage Investment grade to sub prime credits.
IT and Non-IT asset inclusion at any % Any transaction size.
Flexibility to match unique requirements.

Nearly Zero Restrictions

Nearly Zero

Multi vendor / Multi generation Minimal HW, SW, or Services ratio.
Used equipment support 3rd Party Maintenance support.
Terms from a few months to 5 years+.

Anticipation of Required Terms

Anticipation of
Required Terms

Technology Refresh / Upgrades / MACs.
Multi Roll-Out / Roll-Off.
End of term protections.

Cash Flow Advantage

Cash Flow

Purchase Lease-back /Rent-back at/near book value.
Lower overall IT equipment capital expenditures.
CAPEX and OPEX budget accommodation.

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