Claim up to £50 in Amazon vouchers with Netgear

This promotion is no longer active!

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Comms Express have teamed up with Netgear to reward our loyal customers once more…

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From 5th February 2019, Amazon reward vouchers are yours when purchasing select NETGEAR Smart Switches and Access Points. Whether you’re looking to invest in the next-generation of network switch or require Mesh WiFi for your business facilities, we have a reward for you.

Recommended Switches
FEGS110TP-200EUS £10 Amazon Voucher
FEGS728TP-100EUS £10 Amazon Voucher
FEGS728TP-200EUS £10 Amazon Voucher
NETFS728TP £10 Amazon Voucher
NETGS724TP £20 Amazon Voucher
FEGS752TP-200EUS £30 Amazon Voucher
FEGSM4352S-100NES £40 Amazon Voucher
FEGSM4328S-100NES £40 Amazon Voucher
FEXSM4324S-100NES £50 Amazon Voucher

Access Points
FEWAC505B03-10000S £10 Amazon Voucher
FEWAC720B03-10000S £20 Amazon Voucher
FEWAC730B03 £30 Amazon Voucher

Recommended Mesh WiFi
FERBK50-100UKS £20 Amazon Voucher
FESRK60-100UKS £20 Amazon Voucher

To be able to claim your Amazon voucher, your NETGEAR solution must have been ordered between 05/02/2019 and 28/02/2019. Simply place your order today, and once you’ve received your products use the claim form to tell us your contact and order details and we’ll handle the rest. What makes this reward even better – you can claim on as many orders as you like. Claims must be submitted by 23:59 10/03/2019.


To claim your voucher(s) please make sure you have your order reference to hand as this information will be needed to submit a claim. Once your claim request has been received, orders will be verified and vouchers will be processed & sent to the email address supplied. Amazon voucher claims will take up to 30 days to process and will be emailed directly. No replacement vouchers will be sent in the event of an incorrect email address being supplied. This promotion is for a limited time only and can be removed at any time without warning.

Orders must be placed between 05/02/2019 and 28/02/2019. Claim must be submitted no later than 23:59 10/03/2019. Amazon vouchers are only available when purchasing the specified part numbers, as displayed above.

Comms Express reserves the right to alter or withdraw the promotion at any time.