2020 Comms Express Brexit Statement


Dear Customer,

We hope you are safe and healthy during these challenging times.

Comms Express endeavours to do everything possible to ensure our customers are not noticeably affected by the Brexit departure, we will communicate any changes as we are made aware of them and this document will be updated as any changes arise.

Product Conformity

All of our products will still continue to have the CE Marking where required, and the UKCA marking will be introduced to these products by the end of 2021.

VAT, Duties and Tariffs

We hope the tariff and import charges will not affect our pricing, but we do reserve the right to adjust any pricing accordingly. Unfortunately, this may mean orders that are on back order, may be subject to small increases.

Potential Delays at UK/EU border

We are constantly reviewing all of our external suppliers and in the current climate, we have identified areas of which could be pragmatic and possibly subject to delays. To help mitigate this risk we will hold higher stock levels where possible, we have also allocated warehouse space should the need arise to increase the stock holding of certain parts.

Manufacturers and Distributors

We are doing everything in our power to reduce the risk of delay to our customers and we will continue to work closely with our manufacturers and distributors. To reduce risk further you may wish to consider purchasing additional stock (standard terms and conditions apply). At present delays in Far East shipping are making it a more challenging time and ultimately could impact product prices in the future.

Northern Ireland Shipments

We will still continue to ship goods to Northern Ireland; however, the process will require acceptance from our customer’s that the goods purchased are for use in Northern Ireland, and not for onward shipment to the Republic of Ireland (EU).

International Shipping

Comms Express does not currently offer international shipping, we can ship to your UK mainland-based courier or freight forwarder and can help with the information required to assist with onward shipping. This policy is liable to change during the year ahead.


At Comms Express we feel we are as prepared as we can be. We will continue to monitor the progress of legislation and documentation and update this statement when necessary. We look forward to continuing our business with you.

Kind Regards

Andrew Boyce

Quality Control Manager & Brexit Officer